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Agents’ Advantage Disability Insurance Carriers

Disability coverage is an employer purchased policy which provides temporary cash benefits; paid to eligible employees when they are disabled by an off the job illness or injury. The state of New York requires all employers to provide disability benefits coverages for their employees. Did you know that in the United States someone is injured in a disabling accident every second! We provide an outlet for your commercial clients looking to place coverage with an A rated disability insurance carrier.

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Employer-Supplied Disability Insurance Carriers

Employers in states that mandate employer-supplied disability coverage have two choices: purchase disability coverage from a disability insurance carrier, or become authorized to self insure. The most common solution is to purchase coverage since self insuring requires a large reserve of readily available funds. Employers providing disability coverage through a disability insurance carrier can collect contributions from employees to offset the cost of providing benefits, but there are statutes regarding the allowed amount collected per week. Should a claim arise, disability benefits include cash payments only, and will pay up to fifty percent (50%) of a claimant’s average weekly wage, not to exceed the current maximum benefit per week. Medical care will not be paid for by the employer or insurance carrier, but is the responsibility of the claimant.

Whether the states you write in require employers to purchase disability coverage for their employees or not, it is a great coverage to have in your arsenal! Be able to offer a disability insurance carrier as an outlet for your commercial clients through Agents’ Advantage.

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