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Turning Off Your Pop-Up Blocker

When filling out and finalizing our online forms, you will receive pop-ups relating to missing information and/or a confirmation that the submission has been sent to our Underwriting Team. It is imperative you disable your pop-up blocker for our site, so you will be aware of missing information and be able to verify that we have received your quote request.

To turn off your pop-up blocker on Internet Explorer 8, follow the directions below: (If you use a browser other then Internet Explorer 8, please contact our Tech Support Department.)

1. Click the Tools Tab

2. Select Pop-up Blocker

3. Select Pop-up Blocker Settings

4. Type or Copy our Web Address into the white box:

5. Click Add

6. Our web address should now appear in the “Allowed sites:” box. If it does, click Close.

If it does not appear in the “Allowed Sites:” box, please contact our Tech Support Department.
Agents’ Advantage Tech Support Department
(914) 220 – 1450 ext 5011
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