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Types of Membership


You will meet with one of our Agents' Advantage Agency Development Managers to determine if you are a 'good fit' for a particular carrier. Once a decision has been made on the market(s) that best fit(s) your agency, a carrier representative will visit your agency, you will complete the necessary applications, and upon carrier approval you will be allocated a sub code.

  • Sub Code Members gain access to quote, bind and service policies at the carrier level, directly from their office.
  • Representatives from the carriers you obtain a Sub Code with will come to your office and complete a full product overview, training your staff on the underwriting guidelines and rating procedures to be followed. (In office training in some instances will be substituted by a Webinar.)
  • Gain direct access to carrier underwriters.
  • Your agency name appears on the policy.
  • Obtain binding authority with admitted carriers.
  • Access carrier online rating platforms.
  • Sub Codes are ultimately based on the carrier's discretion.
Sub Code Members service their books of business directly at the carrier level, or can choose to use the carrier's service center if available.

Affiliated - Retail Access is only offered to Sub-Coded Members. After logging in using the user name and password created by your agency, along with a producer code assigned to your agency, you will gain access to submit Personal and/or Commercial risks.

Using an approved Submission Process, you will electronically send a risk for quotation to the Agents' Advantage Underwriting Team. We will then quote the risk with multiple carriers and provide the best quote to you within 48 hours. You can then propose the quote to your client, obtain necessary signatures, collect a deposit (if required by the carrier) and return the signed application to our office with a request to bind coverage!

All policies bound through Affiliate Membership are serviced by your agency at the carrier level via their service centers. Affiliate Members are not held to any additional volume requirements! * Risks will only be submitted to a carrier if it fits their particular appetite guide. All carrier guidelines and restrictions apply.

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